What Is with the Layout Changes?

Posted on 09/30/2020 12:23 PM by TheCrafters001

Look. I know I keep changing the layout. I know it is weird, and that it really isn't necessary. But I am still learning UIKit. so... yeah. Expect this site to go through lots of changes as I get the ground work built for it.
You may have noticed I have a proper footer now too. I know my makeshift footer was nice, so here is the code to it.

        <div class="uk-container uk-padding">
			<p><a href="/">Home</a> | <a href="/blog">Blog</a> | <a href="/contact">Contact Me</a></p>
            <p class="uk-link-muted"><a href="/policy/privacy.html">Privacy Policy</a> | <a href="/policy/cookie.html">Cookie Policy</a><br>
                Powered by <a href="http://vapid.com">Vapid</a>

But now I have a more complex footer, and I like the way these style of footers look.
And my navbar was updated too. I honestly just wanted a dark navbar. I also shifted everything to the right.

One last thing. Expect the games, software, and blog pages to get updated soon.