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Hi! You may have noticed that the website is in 5.0. And you are probably wondering why the website went from nice looking to this ugly mess.

That is mainly because I am working on my own CSS Framework. Currently it is not linked, or created. That is why the site looks like this.

If you want to see my current work on GitHub, click the icon on the top right corner.

About Me

I am a hobbiest programmer who likes to program games, and code in I use RPG Maker XP for my game making, and I use Visual Studio for my programming. Keep in mind that I am still learning the basics of RPG Maker, and Visual Basic (.NET), so some things are not going to turn out great. But, I am not all about the thing where people are going to add "microtransactions" for stuff. Here, that word does not exist. :) That is why I am "Redefining Free"!
Hey. Also, I make a fan game called Pokémon Delta Green, you can find that here.

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