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Welcome to TheCrafters001's Website!

Hi! I am TheCrafters001! I am a hobbyiest Indie Developer who likes to make games, play games, make software, and use software! I have always wanted to make my own game, but I never thought I would get this far, as in making my own website and such. Heck, I didn't even know I would be making my own software. But hey! Look at me now! From making a fan-game called Pokémon Delta Green, to making Keep Control, I never thought I would be in this field. But hey, I like what I do, even though it is just a hobby of mine. My life has changed a whole lot since making games and software, and I want the people around the world to know what, so that is why I am deciding to make all my games and software free and open-source under the GNU GPL v3.0 License! I am having a blast doing what I do, and I hope you enjoy all my games and software!

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