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Easy Butler
Currently Supported

With Easy Butler, you can update, and publish your games with ease. When you use Easy Butler, it pushes a .ZIP file to your game page, with the version you have pushed. While Easy Butler relies on Butler to be installed, Easy Butler can automaticly update all the information! If Butler has an update, you can click "Update" on the application, and it will automaticly launch an updater, which elevates permissions, then launches butler with said eleivated permissions, then updates it! Easy huh? Course it is. This basicly adds a GUI to butler, the right way!

Download on Itch.IO
TheCrafters001 Launcher
Being Developed

A Launcher for my Games and Apps!


VirusTotal Uploader is open-source application written in C# and WinForms for uploading files to VirusTotal service. It has a great and simple design with drag and drop interface. It is easy to use and you can avoid many viruses with it!

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