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Random Thing

Posted by TheCrafters001 at 1:30 PM 4/12/2019 Eastern

Yeah, I currently have nothing to say, so I just wanted to say nothing :/

No more forum

Posted by TheCrafters001 at 11:22 AM 4/10/2019 Eastern

Hey! I am no-longer using the forums. Please use the contact section instead!

Pokémon Delta Green; Gen 6 Pokémon, and I am back!

Posted by TheCrafters001 at 6:04 PM 4/5/2019 Eastern

Hey! So, Pokémon Delta Green will be getting Gen 6 Pokémon! First off, I AM BACKING UP THE CURRENT WORKING COPY THAT I AM WORKING ON! I will not risk resetting the project because I overwrote data by mistake. Anyway, I am going to be updating it so that you, the player, can use Gen 6 Pokémon. Maybe Gen 7 if I can find a working copy for Pokémon Essentials 17.2. All I have to say is, YAY! I can use Greninja now! :D Keep in mind that mystery gifts will be coming in the next update. So keep an eye out for it!

New Blog

Posted by TheCrafters001 at 9:12 AM 4/3/2019 Eastern

Hey. So, I am no-longer using WordPress for my blog. I am going to be using my main site now, and this is what it is going to look like. Neat huh? Well, I like it. But for now, there really is not much you can do here. If you want, your can go to my main page, or to my software, or games page.

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